Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 10m 38s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
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Added on: 11.01.2022
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Language: Italian


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ITALIAN LANGUAGE CUSTOM REQUEST - This is my request for custom video: you come home from work, take off your shoes and wear your wooden clogs over black tights. Your son is doing homework sitting at the desk. You start walking around the house, doing your thing, very busy. And you can distinctly hear the snap of your heels on the hooves. You do not necessarily have to always be framed, every now and then you pass in front of the camera, but you can still distinctly hear the noise that you make 'ciac ciac' while walking determined and dominated in clogs. Your son shows signs of impatience, and says he can't concentrate with the noise your heels make as they bang against their hooves. You tell him to shut up, you sit on the sofa, take off your pantyhose and put on your clogs barefoot. You start walking again and the noise is even louder because you don't have socks now! Your son get angry and says he can't study. You get angry, you walk up to him firmly, you sit in his chair, cross your legs, and put him on your lap, and drop his pants. You begin to spank him by hand on his underwear, in a particular way though: all blows are given in the same point, in the center of the ass, between the two buttocks, in the lower part. He goes mad with pain. You drop his underwear and continue, always in the same place. Then you get up and go back to doing your chores, with the sound of your hooves feeling loud again, while he remains leaning against the table whining and continuously rubbing his butt with one hand.