Mistress Gaia

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Today I am with my friend, and we have a slave on the floor with his cock prodruding through the cockbox. He thinks he's going to be in for a pleasant time.. Not so... As we are in a sadistic mood, we are going to give him some extreme CBT. To get things going, we begin with some cock teasing. Using her beautiful leather gloves, twisting and squeezing my friend toys with his cock. It's not long before our bitch begins to feel the pain. He tries to make some noise, so I sit on his face to shut him up. His muffled attempts to breathe are useless, as I smother him under my beautiful ass. It's time to go to a more extreme pleasure. We light a taper, and I pull on a pair of tight latex gloves. As we kneel over our bitch he tries to speak. Once again I cover his mouth with my latex hand, while my friend shows him his red hot taper. I can see the look of fear as his eyes as we continue with his torture. The first contact of the red hot taper on his cock brings a muffled squel. We continue to make him suffer, as I take the taper and begin burning his throbbing knob. He helplessly struggles and squirms in pain, as we pleasure ourselves with our burning desires...