Mistress Gaia

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I pretend the maximum effort from my pony-slaves when I train them, they must always perform to the top of their capabilities. There is no room for lazy or disobedient ponies in my stables and I have a miracolous tool to cure their laziness and lack of dedication: my whip. Today, it will be this pony that will taste the bite of my whip. He is a stubborn pony, always trying to resist my commands and a bad example for the other ponies. As soon as we are back from the stable, I have tied him up at the center of the dungeon, with a spread bar on his ankles and his arms raised. Comfortably seated on my wooden horse, I start whipping him with my single tail. I’m so angry with him that I really want to make him suffer and soon his body is covered by red stripes. He is squirming incontrollably now, trying to avoid the lashes but in vain, his ordeal has just started. Now it’s time to make him suffer even nore and I shift to the hard leather whip, which is going to rip his flesh. He is crying for the unbearable pain but the worst is still to come: I hoist him by his wrist, so that his feet don’t reach the ground, and I deliver a series of powerful deadly blows. The pony has been broken and now he meekly licks his Mistress’ boot on his knees.