Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 14m 7s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 5196 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
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Language: Italian


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CUSTOM REQUEST - The video begins with a male slave putting sexy boots on her while the female slave rested for her pleasure. The female slave, however, does not want to, but she does not dare to rebel because she is not in her instinct of hers. Suddenly you appear Mistress Gaia, who very angry about what is happening she wants to punish both of them. The slave because she put on your beautiful boots and he because he was getting aroused, when for days he was struggling to do it (but then he finds out why they were the boots, while you Mistress Gaia lately you were always with low boots, which did not excite the slave). Initially you get adored by both boots (the ones from the ORGASMIC PANTYHOSE PUSSY video) and humiliating both her and him. At one point you ask the slave how she dared to take your boots and put them on, but the slave finds courage and confesses that it was the slave. You can't believe it and you get even more angry, not just because the slave used your boots but because the slave used your slave to please him. And as a retaliation, as he wanted to use the slave to get aroused, then now you are going to use the slave to use him. Very angry, but with a sympathetic instinct, you "forgive" the slave and as a reward for telling the truth and revealing the slave's lies, you make her mistress for once, so from meek submissive and servile that she was, you make her ruthless and inflexible and sadistic. Since the slave wanted to dress the slave as a Mistress now he will be satisfied and it will be the slave who has now become Mistress to punish the slave. She will humiliate him verbally after which she will use her boots to humiliate him by making him lick them, then she will tease him by masturbating the slave with sole and heel, after which you will intervene to punish both the slave, mocking him, using your legs as a tool of seduction and punishment. Lastly, the slave now Mistress asks a question and asks to finish feeling the thrill of having the power to make the slave come on her boots and then see him clean properly, laughing at the humiliation. You sit with both legs crossed in a mirror image (you the right on the left, the slave mistress, the left on the right) so that both heels are on the face of the now exhausted slave lying on the ground and lastly, insert both heels in his mouth almost stifling him. The scene ends with you congratulating her because you have discovered a new friend, companion of future punishments and to her surprise she will confess that she is a lesbian and her males suck. You don't believe it and you make her repeat it, she repeats it but does more. He gets up, makes the slave kneel, stands hands on hips dominant attitude and says it for the third time, this time against him spitting it out, and his last order will be "Lick my boots, you wanted me like this and now it will be for always" The video ends with her boot over his head as she licks your complacent laughter in the background.