Mistress Gaia

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I have my slave on the floor with his arms and legs tightly bound. He's been quite good lately, and I'm going to reward him with a handjob. However, It's not quite what he thinks. As he starts to ask me questions I decide to shut him up with a ring gag around his mouth. I enjoy hearing those muffled choking noises as I pull it and fasten it nice and tight. I want him enjoy his orgasm, so I put his ball in a wooden vice. He squeals as I fasten it around his balls and tighten the screws. His cock is now throbbing and I know he desperately want to cum. He must wait until I have some fun with him first. I begin to play with his cock, stroking it and squeezing it before letting it go. My slut groans through his gag and begins to show signs of desperation, as I continue to taunt and tease him. I use my feet to stroke his cock before once again grabbing it again. As I hold his throbber gently between my fingers, he decides to cum without my permission. What a cheek!! I quickly let his cock go, and my bitch has a failed orgasm squirting his mess onto his belly. I decide to make him eat his cum, as I swipe my fingers and place them into his mouth. I finally leave him gagging in bondage, to suffer with his throbbing cock and purple balls in a vice...