Mistress Gaia

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Today I'm at DungeonRoma where I'm having a little lunch. However, my bitch of a slave asked if he could join me. What a cheek he has. I decided that for his impudence he will have to earn his share of lunch. I'm sitting on my throne, and call my bitch over. I'm wearing a beautiful pair of red designer boots, and he's going to learn how to worship them. I begin by allowing him to lick my soles, then I decide to share some lunch with him. With him kneeling at the side of my throne, I give him a banana to peel and tell him to place it at my feet. Then after crushing the fruit with my boot, my slut gets to eat his share by licking the fruit from the sole. I need to see that tongue of his going, so I order him to really get licking as I stand up and squash more of the fruit under my sole. Then I tell him he's really in for a treat. I remove my boots, and he has the luxury of playing with his cock. However, I order him not to cum without permission. I continue to crush the fruit with my bear feet and feed it to my slut. I know he's desperate to cum, however I'm running out of fruit and I do have an appointment. I tell him he can't cum and that he'll have to wait. I use him as my foot stool as he finishes eating the fruit off the steps of my throne...