Mistress Gaia

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Today I have two slaves in the dungeon for training. They have to be very obedient and listen to my instructions, or I will punish them both. As we begin, I have each of them on a leash and lead them to my throne. I make myself comfortable and sit looking down on them, they have to clean my boots using their tongue. I have my flogger to hand to make sure they get licking and clean properly. One of them is a fidget, and it's not long before I have to give him some lashes to keep him down licking my boots. After a while I decide to find another way to make him more compliant. I put him in chastity, and place a nice rubber butt plug tightly in his ass. I tell him he's going to learn to be more obedient, and he's going to suck cock.

I get the other slave and put him on the cross with his hands and feet tightly bound. I also put a pair of nipple clamps on him to make sure he's painfully more comfortable. With my butt plug bitch is on his knees, I tell him to begin his cock licking. I know he doesn't want to do it, so I give him a few good lashes with my flogger to get him going. As he continues, I tell him to get the cock in his mouth and give the cross slut a good blowjob. I hold the back of his head and make sure he's getting a full mouthful. The bitch on the cross begins to make some noise, so I get a headharness open mouth gag and put it on him. Now he struggles to breathe properly, as I spit in his mouth and pull down on his nipple clamps.

The training is going quite good, and both my bitches are learning to obey my instructions. So once again I have them on the floor at the foot of my throne, and I tell them they are going to be rewarded. After removing my boots, I allow one of them the luxury of licking my silky stocking feet, while my butt plug bitch has to give him a handjob. I don't want to hear any noise from him when he cums, so I remove his gag and sit on his face and ass smother him. As he cums, I tell my butt plugged slave to lick up all the sperm. It's been a great training session, and both my bitches have learned what's required from Mistress Gaia...