Mistress Gaia

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Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
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Added on: 13.09.2020
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Language: Italian


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CUSTOM REQUEST - I would enjoy severe foot worship video. Your feet are sweaty and smelly, and you wear ghost socks and trainers all day long. You know very well how disgusting it is to your slave to smell your feet, and that's why you really want to see him suffer and take torment him. He complains a lot and begs you not to make him do it but you have no mercy, you laugh and you make fun of him. Then you take off your socks and start letting him sniff your bare feet. He really struggles and is disgusted and asks you to stop begging you but obviously it will not help. As he sniffs your feet and moans, you reiterate aloud how sweaty and smelly your feet are and that you don't care that he sucks them. While you make fun of him, you make him smell your feet and he complains. So you start taking some pictures of him so that if he no longer obeys you you can later coerce him. Then you take one of your socks and make him suck it, then you put the whole sock in his mouth and continue to make him smell your feet, accompanied by slaps, insults, laughter. Finally, you place your socks in his mouth gagging him and leaving him to suffer...