Mistress Gaia

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I am in a sadistic mood, and have decided to use my bitch of a slave to pleasure myself. As he was disobedient earlier, I have him completely helpless on the floor. I was going to put him in mummification, and decided to wrap him up tightly in several layers of clingfilm. I then bound him nice and tight with several layers of pvc tape. As I was almost finished, he begged me not to mummify him and said he would behave himself in future. Of course, he doesn't have a option as he squirms inside his plastic cocoon. However, I want him to suffer and decided to have some fun. I don't want to hear anymore of his talking, and I begin to give him some hand over mouth smother. I love to watch as he wriggles and squirms as he tries to breathe. As I remove my hands he lets out huge gasps, only to be stifled again as the tight grip of my hands over his mouth starves him of precious air. It's almost time for his mummification, and I know he doesn't want to be all wrapped up... (pun intended) I get some pvc tape and quickly wrap it around his head and face, leaving only a little space at his mouth for him to breathe. I can quickly tape that little lifeline up when required. As he now suffers from some sensory deprivation, and the tight clingfilm bondage begins to heat him up. I continue to enjoy making him suffer, as I place my beautiful hands over his little lifeline slit in his tightly bound head and face. His gasping gets more desperate, and I continue to enjoy my sadistic pleasure until I eventually get my sluts Blue surrender...