Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You just got back from the funeral. The son is sad and has gone to the shower. You review the inheritance papers and realize that if the son lives you will never have full control of the inheritance. So you prepare a lethal surprise for the stepson. His stepson always liked you and you are going to take advantage of it. The stepson came out of the shower with a towel around his waist. You go a bathrobe and he looks at you. You give him a hug, you caress his face and say: You need to relax and offer him a drink. Mistress Gaia: I'm going to get you to disconnect and forget everything. Stepson: Thank you Gaia, I love you. You make him finish his drink, and take him to the wall where there are shackles on his back that he hasn't seen. You insinuate yourself and you pretend to kiss him without kissing him and you tie his hands. Stepson: What are you doing? Let go me! But he right away he stops complaining as soon as you open your bathrobe. You are in a bikini. Mistress Gaia: You like what you see !? You start putting oil all over your body. You go to him and you rub against him and you take the towel off him. You sit down and spread your legs towards him to get him excited. Stepson: My chest hurts Mistress Gaia: You laugh and tell him that in the drink you have put a poison that the more excited he is, the more lethal it will be. Cumming would be fatal to his heart. And he would expire just like his father. Stepson: Bitch (you laugh) You get up and start doing a legjob on his back. Video style of yours - silky legjob - He is excited and begs you to let him live. Mistress Gaia: If you don't cum, you will live (you laugh). You keep with the legjob. video style - silky legjob or throbber - Now his chest hurts more, the excitement makes the poison take effect, and the heart pumps faster. Stepson: Please I'm a virgin.! You stop suddenly You turn to him and caress his face. Mistress Gaia: I'm sorry. I didn't know. Right now, I'm going to find the key and release you. You pretend you're going to find the key to the shackles. The stepson believes that he is saved. You go back to him, you laugh and show him your empty hands. Mistress Gaia: The fact that you are a Virgin excites me more to expose of you. You take him by the face and put yours in front of his. Mistress Gaia: Prepare to be expired Stepson: No, please...please. You start doing a legjob facing him. You smile at him and tell him to enjoy everything he can...