Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - When you leave the room where you got rid of your sibling-in-law, you are where the suspension bars are and your husband enters... Gaia: Hi Honey! You tell him with a smile... Husband: What are you doing here? Husband looks at her strangely from top to bottom... Are you still dressed as in black widow IV Husband: And that way of dressing? And my sibling? Gaia: Your sibling is downstairs...well maybe he's made it to heaven already? You say pointing up and laughing... Husband comes over and takes your arm... Husband: What do you mean? Answer back!! Gaia kicks him in the testicles Husband winces in pain! Then Gaia grabs onto the suspension bars and swings her head into a headscissors... Shocked husband can't escape her legs... Husband: what are you doing!? Gaia: You don't like it? And squeeze more... Husband complains of pain... then you drop it And while he's in a daze Take a run with the suspension bars and kick him Then he kneels down in pain... you go to him, grab his face so he looks at you... Gaia: Couldn't you leave me alone? Searching and searching about me.... and with the boot, you push him back and he falls on his back... Husband's back is sore... So you go to him and do a reverse headscissors.... He tries to spread his legs from him, but he is too stunned... Husband: I can't breathe... Gaia laughs and when he is fainting she lets him go... So he gets up and goes for another poison! The same kind she gave to her husband's sibling... Husband is trying to get up... Gaia: Where do you think you're going? First you put your knee in his chest so he can't get up... Then you put your pussy on his neck to weaken him... Husband complains, and he asks you to please let him go... Gaia: I'll let you go... but not in the way you think and smile Gaia takes the poison... she opens it and makes him drink it.... she covers his mouth so that he swallows it... husband tries to resist Husband: What have you given me? Gaia: An elixir that will give you the greatest pleasure you've ever had... Husband: how? So you do a facesitting... Husband: Why are you doing this? Gaia: Blame it on your sibling! I search for my past! Then you take out a handkerchief smeared with poison and put it on his mouth and nose... Gaia: Good night! Husband: Wait... He can't resist...he is weak and you have him blocked... Then he wakes up tied up and naked Husband looks from side to side scared... Husband: Where am I? Gaia: Good morning! Husband: Where are my clothes!? Gaia: You won't need it... Gaia is getting closer... Husband: My sibling, what have you done? Tell me! Gaia: I gave him the best pleasure of his life! Gaia is getting closer Husband: what?! Gaia is in front of him! Gaia: And now you will feel the same as your siblingr felt! Husband: wait! Gaia puts a finger in his mouth to shut him up! Gaia: Listen! The liquid you have taken is going to give you the greatest pleasure of your life as I have told you... Then you start rubbing him with your legs and ass like Husband doesn't understand anything and starts to get excited... Husband: oooh Gaia: you like it right? Husband: Yes! Gaia: okay Husband begins to have discomfort Gaia: smile Gaia: The liquid you have taken is also a viagra poison, which is activated by excitement! The more excited the more lethal. If for something you cum...it would be the end of you. Husband: No! Gaia gets up and starts giving him a face-to-face legjob Gaia: You have a chance! If you avoid cumming you will live! Husband: wait Gaia accelerates Husband is between chest pain and excitement Gaia: Your sibling couldn't take it! can you? Husband: bitch Gaia laughs... Husband complains of pain even more! Gaia stops short... she walks out and looks at him. Gaia: You've held up well honey! She caresses his face Gaia: But now you will expire! you can't take it Husband: wait... you said if he held on... Gaia: Poor stupid! Did you really believe it? And you laugh Then you get high with a legjob with your back to him Gaia: here we go Start the legjob again and more sensual Husband: wait Gaia: yeah! She makes more sensual sounds so that her husband gets excited Husband: my heart Gaia accelerates a little more Husband: My love! Gaia: Yes darling and you laugh.... husband groans in pain Gaia accelerates more Gaia: Come on! He expires you filthy pig! Husband: stop! Gaia: Say hi to your sibling! Husband: Bitch Gaia: It's your end! Goodbye! Gaia smiles and accelerates as fast as possible so that she cums Husband: My heart! she yelps while she cum. Gaia: laugh when she ejaculates! Husband: My heart says weakly... Gaia walks out...she looks at him as she goes into convulsions and expires... Gaia takes his pulse Gaia: See you never and it's gone!