Mistress Gaia

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ENGLISH SPEAKING CUSTOM REQUEST - You are married to your new Husband! That they have a fortune with his sibling. Your sibling-in-law doesn't trust you and has searched for information about your past... You summoned him to your old house where you carry out the executions! He told you that he had found very suspicious things... and after some discussion... The scene starts here! Now your sibling-in-law is waking up... he remembers that he drank something and started to feel dizzy... He goes into a state of alarm, when he is seen tied to a cross like in your video-smother manson- Gaia: Good morning dear! Victim: What are you doing?! Why?! Gaia walks in wearing the outfit from your video - sniff & cum - And she gets in frontal headscissors position...and puts a finger in her mouth tsss makes her shut up... Gaia: why did you search about my past? Gaia squeezes the front headscissors of hers and laughs... When she stops pressing she takes out a bottle like in your video-sniff & cum-she grabs his mouth and makes him drink it and then covers his mouth... She uncovers his mouth... Victim: Please! I will not say anything... Gaia: I know...and she presses again and smiles with pleasure... Gaia stops and tells him: What you have drunk is a very powerful poison with a large dose of viagra... the more excited the subject is, the more lethal it will be for him... in this case, you! If you were to cum, it would be the end of you! Victim: Nooo...let go of me!! Gaia gives him a reverse headscissors... Victim: haaagg... Gaia stands up again... Victim: My heart is racing!! Gaia: the poison is taking effect...this really excites you right!? Filthy pig!! So he does facesitting... Victim can't breathe.... Gaia departs... Victim regains oxygen... Gaia grabs him by the head so he looks at her... Gaia: What does my husband know!? Victim: My siblingr doesn't know anything... Gaia: facesitting reverse or ass smothering Vicitma: mmmmm can't breathe Gaia lets go Victim: he recovers... Then Gaia pulls down his underpants and starts doing a handjob!! Victim gets excited and her chest hurts more and more... Victim: please... Gaia: tell me what you know... Gaia speeds up the handjob... Victim: okay but stop!! Gaia stop... Gaia: Well? Victim: I only told him to come that I had information about you as promised... Gaia: And that's it?! Victim: Yes I promise!! Gaia: she looks at him with a face of disgust .... and tells him that she believes him! Gaia is going to look for something... She comes with some panties and puts more poison in them... Gaia: As you can see I'm not wearing panties under this leather! I like to feel the last breath of my victims... Victim: wait...stop... Gaia laughs and puts her panties with poison in her mouth... Gaia: Let's finish once and for all and she kisses his forehead... She gets into reverse headscissors form but stands loosely and starts moving sexy on top of him! She punches her heart... Gaia: Your heart won't be able to take this! Gaia starts giving him a handjob and at times ass smothering Victim complains of pain!! Gaia laughs Gaia speeds up more! Victim is on edge Gaia: Die once and for all! Victim cums and dies in convulsions... Gaia smiles Gaia: See you never! And she leaves the room Just someone knocking on the door It is her husband ... continue