Mistress Gaia

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ITALIAN SPEAKING Today @DungeonRoma I have three ponyboy slaves in the cage, they have been patiently waiting on our return from a equestrian event we attended earlier. Of course our beautiful boots will require a good cleaning to remove all that mud. We decide to allow our three bitches to indulge in the cleaning process. As we sit outside the cage and light up our cigarettes, we inform our slaves they will be allowed out. However, they must perform well and disobedience will be punished. The slaves take up their positions, with one of then in the middle and on his knees. This lucky slut will be used as our human ashtray, the others are going to get their tongues going and lick our boots clean. As I chat with my friend, I notice that our bitches are not doing what they are told. We give them a slap, and warn them of the consequences if they don't obey our instructions. As we stub out our cigarettes in the mouth of our ashtray slut. We continue to monitor our bitches to make sure their tongues are performing well, as they enjoy the luxury of cleaning our beautiful Black Boots...