Mistress Gaia

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My slave is lying on the floor. He has to clean my shoes and lick my stiletto heels. If he doesn't do a good enough job. I'm going to punish him. He knows how high my standards are, and I hate to have my time wasted by losers like him. So we get going with him sucking on my 6 heels thay are nice and sharp, and I could easily cut his mouth. As we progress, I feel he's being lazy and not using that tongue of his to good effect. So I remove my shoes and give him some foot slapping. I also stand on his head with my full weight. He's such a stupid slut, after all this he still can't clean my shoes properly. So I have to jump on his head and give him another hard foot slapping to make sure he understands how lucky he is to be under the feet of Mistress Gaia..
Tags: Ball Busting