Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - You are a typical strict mum that is speaking to his son who didn’t behave well. The scene should develop very slowly, you are speaking with a severe tone, but without foul words (you can only use words as beating, punishing, chastising and so on). The mother comes back from school and tells her son that today he will be beaten. The boy, scared, asks why and his mum answers that his school report was very bad, therefore, he is going to be beaten. Mum changes her shoes, putting on a pair of typical housewife slippers and sits down on a chair (I would like to see different points of view). Then, she calls the and tells him something like: Marco, today I have decided to beat you very hard; I’m going to make you cry and to give you also the beating that I spared you last week (and you may mimic the act with your hand) and, if you cry, I’m going to beat you again after dinner. At first, you slap him on his face 5 or 6 times, then you slowly put him on your knees and deliver him a good spanking. Then you stand up and tells him that he needs to be beaten really well, then you take a wooden spoon. Your son begs you but you firmly answer that he needs to be punished hard and you beat him with the spoon. Then you ground him without dinner and beat him again, while you take him to his room. Then you call your aunt and tells her how you have punished your and you recommend her to chastise and beat her son too who, today, has played hooky. Then you go to your son’s room and explain him why it was right to beat him and that, from now on, he needs to behave well, otherwise, next time, he will be neaten with a carpet beater every night...