Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 15m 48s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
Video-Bitrate: 3850 kbit/s
Video-Format: MP4
File size: 436 MB
Language: Italian


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I would like to ask you to shoot a video with a slave and a female slave entirely without dialogue, as if the scene were such a well-tested routine that it requires no words. The video should begin with Mistress asleep in bed, the slaves (him in chastity) sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed. When the alarm goes off they hurry to turn it off. Mistress must be gently awakened with a massage or the adoration of a part of the body, as she prefers. While one of her two wakes her up, the other brings her coffee. While she sips it, she chooses one of the two with a nod, immediately slave and slave set off towards a toilet box, the "chosen one" gets into position while the other or the other kneels at the side. She arrives calmly, still sipping coffee, sits down on the toilet and lets herself go. As the toilet begins to eat and drink She grabs the kneeling slave by the neck and pushes her head towards the hole between her thighs and the tablet so that she can smell everything, when she is done it will be her toilet paper, she will lick all up to complete cleaning. While you put on your make-up (or do something else) the "toilet paper" makes sure that the toilet has eaten everything, eventually picking up and putting the fallen pieces in his mouth. Only at the end she leaves, the "toilet paper" helps the toilet to come out of the toilet box and if possible takes her to the shower and pee on her face to clean up.
Tags: Pee, Scat