Mistress Gaia

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Today @DungeonRoma I have two slaves that are going to be trained in the art of sharing. Kneeling at either side of my throne, they patiently wait for me to arrive. It's going to be fun. I approach with my riding crop in hand, therefore they know that this session will involve some pain. I call them together and tell them they are going to enjoy each other. However, I'm not sure they understand exactly what I have in mind. I bring out a large double cock, and order them to prepare it with a condom on each end. When ready , I get them to begin sucking on it. They have to impress me as I want to see both of them choking each other. A few whacks from my riding crop to make sure they understand. They are now joined together, and choking each other. What a nice introduction. I then order them to get into position to receive the cock in both their asses. It's a good blast as they both begin to enjoy fucking each other. Of course to make sure of their obedience, I continue to use my whip on their asses.. I then get them to lie on their backs. This maneuver will be carried out without removing their dildo, and they must remain joined together. What a success, and with some more teasing and nipple squeezing. I finally leave them stuck together to enjoy their assfuck sharing...
Tags: Strapon, Pegging