Mistress Gaia

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Today I have my slave suspended and bound in the sling, she is also wearing a tight fitting gimp hood. As she likes to be fucked hard up the ass, I'm going to have some fun with her. However, not in the way she thinks. I prepare my strapon, and pull on a pair of my favourite black latex gloves. I warn my bitch that this is going to be painful for her. As I slip the cock into her ass she lets out a squeal, I tell her to shut up as there's no way she can escape. I so enjoy hearing her muffled squeaks through her leather hood, as I begin to fuck her harder and harder. I decide to give her ass a little breather and she thinks it's over. Not so... I bring out a leather strap whip and begin to whip her. My bitch squirms with pain as I tell her to count the lashes. When I think she's had enough, I lower her to the floor just enough keeping her arms and legs in suspension. To make her more comfortable, I get a padlock and fasten it to her pussy and putting my slut in chastity. She will remain like that until I remove it. Perhaps a month will be sufficiant, unless I decide she once again needs to be ass fucked and whipped...