Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 41m 15s
Video-Resolution: 720x576 Pixel
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Language: Italian


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This is a special video. I require a new female slave, and to make sure she can meet my requirements she is going to be auditioned in a full length video. This is the live filmed event of that audition. You will see my assistant mistress, and myself put the slave through various routines. There will be moments of anxiety for her, because she has never been a slave to a mistress before. We are going to allow her to experience some of the fetishes, and also more extreme practices used by a mistress on her slave. Follow us on our journey, and feel free to experience your fantasies as we go. We begin in the studio with a informal introduction. The slave is ready and willing to submit to our demands. At first we are not too harsh as we don't want to frighten her. So we begin by getting her undressed and making her a little uncomfortable. Once undressed but still in her underwear, I fondle her breasts, while my friend introduces her to some delicate whipping. We continue by facing her on the cross and applying a blindfold. She will experience some sensory deprivation, as we continue to abuse her. We make feel pain by slapping her ass and beating her with a riding crop. Her ass already begins to turn a nice shade of purple. Using spiked wheels on her body, we then remove her underwear. Her performance so far is reasonable so we decide to turn up the heat a little. She is placed on the floor, and we light candles and pour the hot wax on her. At the same time she is caressed and kissed. We also give her some shoe worship, as she is made to suck on my stiletto heels. By this time our slave is beginning to react more. It appears she is sexually aroused by her experience. Remember she is completely blindfold during the whole experience, and therefore has no idea what's coming. Maybe just as well. As we now introduce some pussy play. I get a dildo and put it into her mouth, I then put it in her pussy. She lets out a squeal as I place the dildo inside her pussy. Of course I'm not going to allow her to enjoy herself just yet. Leaving the dildo in place, I bring out a vibrator and place at the top of her pussy, while my friend takes the dildo and begins to fuck her with it at the same time. By this time our little prospect is squirming and struggling under our intense pressure. We ask her if she would like to continue. The little slut replies of course! So we continue to give her more pussy abuse and at the same time push a dildo into her mouth making sure she experiences some real gagging. To get her ready for her final encore. My friend puts on a strapon and proceeds to fuck our sluts ass until she begs us to stop. Of course, we continue until WE decide when the audition is over. As our slave is completely exhausted. We finally bring things to a stop. She seems confident that she will be come my new slave. However, I explain to her this was only a introduction. She will have to complete a more severe audition if she is to be considered to be a slave of Mistress Gaia...