Mistress Gaia

Video-Length: 22m 1s
Video-Resolution: 1280x720 Pixel
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Language: Italian


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CUSTOM REQUEST -'Hello Miss Gaia,A little time ago I requested a personalized video: MISTRESS GAIA - FOR YOUR SIS . I loved it, but unfortunately the last part of the video I did not have the courage to do it, the one where I had to call my sis to make me actually caught. I wanted then request another custom video if possible, this time getting shot in POV style where You humiliate me at Your feet.Maybe if You want, You can reproach me for not having completed the task of the previous video, You insult, spit and punish me for it. I'd like to receive a number of orders and humiliations to do by myself. During the whole video I'd like You to tell us what You would do to me and my sis when we are together in front of You. I would like throughout the video so that during the humiliations and punishments You would tell me these things to make me excited. In fact I'd like orders and punishments with clear intention to get caught seriously by my sis: orders and humiliation can involve anything, Your shoes or Your used clothing, the cell, photos and videos, social networks, email, notes, or sniff Your feet while You're sleeping ... so what ever You like (You can surprise Me with Your ideas). It's wonderful if the humiliation is insane and dangerous. And to convince me to do riskier things You can excite me by telling me what You would do then in live session and how it would be fun for You to see that I humble myself following Your orders etc etc. I would like to receive a nice CEI with a countdown (I would prefer self facial, because that's what I usually do, but if You want to make me do it in other ways that's ok). I hope that this time I will be able to get caught by my sis.