Mistress Gaia

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CUSTOM REQUEST - The Scene: You are wearing a sexy sports bra and tight spandex shorts and you are barefoot. Little man is naked. You are angry and rough with him. The strap-on can be the best size for executing that scene (it doesn’t need to be extra large, just larger than his cock). You walk into view carrying him over your shoulder. You are angry and spank his ass while you hold him. You throw him down roughly then sit down in a chair and tell him to go over your lap so his feet and arms hang. Then you spank him several times, before pushing him off roughly and telling him to go get your strap-on. You stand up and tell him to put it on you. He slides it up your legs and fastens it on. You reach down and pull him roughly to stand up. You bend your knees so the dildo is next to his smaller hard cock. You rub the dildo around his cock, back and forth and tell him how small his cock is. Then you swing the dildo to smack his cock back and forth, telling him how weak his cock is. You shove him to the ground and make him suck your dildo. First he sucks himself, then you grab his head and fuck his mouth. Then you pull him back up, drag him across room and order him to bend over holding onto a table or chair. You begin to fuck his ass from behind. Garbing his legs and pull them up around you. Then you reach under his arms (or hold his hands and pull back) and lift him up and fuck him in the air...