Mistress Gaia

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My girlfriend and me were out at a night club. Feeling a little tired we decided to come home early. However, arriving home I noticed the door to my house was slightly open. When we got into the house, we found a burglar trying to escape with some of my jewelry. We managed to overpower him, and I decided to teach him a lesson. We tied him tightly to a chair and made sure he couldn't escape. Asking if I would be ok, my friend decided to go home, leaving me alone with my bitch of a thief. I'm going to make him suffer. He tries to explain to me why he was in my house, I don't want to hear anything he has to say and shut him up with hand over mouth smother. As he tries to get air, I press even harder. He gasps and squirms to get free. However, he's going nowhere as I continue with his torment. As he begs for me to stop, I tell him I'm just getting started. I put a ball gag in his mouth and fasten it extremely tight. His muffled attempts to breathe are amusing. I'm going to leave him gasping and helpless, until I decide other ways I can have some fun with him. Now where did I put those plastic bags?