Mistress Gaia

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I have my slave in chastity, with his hands and feet tightly bound. Also, I have attached his feet to the suspension cable. I'm going to make sure he doesn't ascape my pleasures. He's been on the floor for a couple of hours, and I'm sure he's ready to receive some attention. I have a nice cat of nine tails flogger that I'm going to use on him. I begin with some light strokes to warm him up. I know he's going to make some noise, so I facesit on him to help shut him up. It's amuzing to hear those muffled moans as he tries to breathe under my beautiful ass while I flog his cock and balls.

Then it's time to have some real fun, I hoist his feet up in the air so I have a good 360 degree view of his body. What a great way to make sure my bitch gets a even distribution of pain. I continue to flog him, and with his head barely resting on the floor, I dig my stiletto heels into his body. He is still making too much noise, so I remove my shoes and give him a good footgagging. I shove my foot right down into his throat, while at the same time continue to whip him really hard. It's very stressful for my slut, as he tries to breathe while choking. As I lower him from his suspention, he thinks I am going to remove his chastity. However, not so... I reward him by allowing him to kiss my feet, and finish him off with some heavy lashes from my flogger. It's been a beautiful beating...