Mistress Gaia

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I told one of my slaves if he was very good, he would have a reward. So I have him lying naked on the bed and he must keep perfectly still. I said to him he can have a handjob for his good behavour. However, his cock is so limp and useless. I'm going to have to do something about it. I get a ball clamp and screw it around his balls. He squeals as I tighten the screws just enough to make it painful for him. As I continue, his cock begins to get hard and he desperately wants to cum. I warn him he must not cum without my permission. I then inform him that he was not quite good enough to receive a full handjob. So I get another ball clamp and screw it really tight on his balls, and he is now in real pain. I continue to milk his cock as he squeals and begs me to allow him to cum. After I think he has suffered enough, I tell him he can cum. However, his behavour was not quite good enough and his ecstasy will be short lived. As I loosen my grip and his throbbing cock pulsates, I take great pleasure hearing him whine as he suffers his ruined orgasm...